Sweet corn is one of the most popular vegetable commodities in America, Europe and many other
countries, including Indonesia. Inproviding the growing need for sweet corn, various treatments are
required, in additi on to the knowledge of cultivation techniques, in order to obtain better quality and
quantity of sweet corn production.Two of the treatments are plant spacing to the spacing of various
sizes. The purposes of this study were (1) to assess the response of a single factor of plant spacing on
the growth and yield of sweet corn, (2) to determine the best treatment of certain plant spacing to obtain
the optimum growth and yield of sweet corn, and; (3) to find out the correlation between growth
variable, and yield of sweet corn.The study was conducted on inceptisols, in Kumai sub-district, West
Kotawarigin regency, Central Kalimantan province.The environmental design used in the study was
Randomized Block Design with non factorial treatment structure of one treatment factor was plant
spacing consisting of three levels, namely 50cm x 20cm ; 50cm x 40cm ;50cm x 60cm. Each treatment
was replicated five times resulting in 15 experimental units. The results of the study showed that 1)
Thetreatment of single factor of plant spacing had significant effects on growth components, namely wet
weight and dry weight of crops aged 49 days after planting and had significant and very significant on
yield of sweet corn; 2) The treatment of plant spacing j2 (50cm x 40cm) was able to increase the growth
components of wet weight and dry weight of the crops, 213.75g and 50.33g, respectively, compared to
the treatment j 1 (50cm x 20cm) 155.33g and 31.95g, and treatment j3 (50cm x 60cm) 157.00g and
28.11g respectively.The plant spacing treatment j2 (50cm x 40cm) and j3 (50cm x 60cm) were estimated
to increase the yield of sweet corn; the weight of the cobin the husk to137.94g or the production of 6,44ton ha¯¹, and 146.67g or the production of 4,89ton ha¯¹; 3) Based on the correlation matix, there
were significant correlation and very significant correlation between the growth components, namely
plant height, wet weight, dry weight, and age for flowering on the yield of sweet corn, namely weight of
cob in husk and weight of cob with out husk.
Keyword : Sweet corn, plant spacing, inceptisols and correlation

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